These Polish brands are conquering the world. See what they have to offer!

The Polish clothing and footwear industry is doing great. The best proof of this is the successes of Polish brands and their expansion into the markets of other European countries. Which stores have the greatest reason for pride and what do they have to offer us? Read the article to find out! Here are 7 Polish brands that are conquering the world!


The distinctive feature of the Medicine brand are the characteristic prints designed by Polish designers and artists. Medicine wants to be a manifesto of independence, and its offer is directed primarily to young people (women and men) who want to express their individual style boldly and are not afraid to cross fashion borders. The brand was created as Reporter in 1994. In 2013, most of its stores were transformed into retail points of the newly created Medicine brand. At present, we may buy Medicine brand products at stores not only in Poland, but also in Russia, Ukraine, Slovakia and Belarus.


Reserved is a Polish chain of stores belonging to the clothing giant LPP S.A. The brand produces clothes dedicated to both younger and older customers. Its products are characterized by modern design, consistent with the latest trends, at affordable prices. The wide Reserved assortment contains women’s, men’s and children’s clothes. There are also accessories: jewelry, bags, sunglasses, belts and winter accessories. Currently, there are over 146 Reserved stores in Poland. The brand also has 97 stores abroad, including in Lithuania, Latvia, Ukraine, Slovakia, Romania, Great Britain, Egypt, Qatar and the United Arab Emirates.


The Big Star brand has existed on the Polish market for almost 40 years! It is known primarily as a manufacturer of high quality jeans. If you’re looking for simple, classic jeans – you will find them in a BIG STAR store. If you are looking for the hottest, tattered boyfriends – you will also buy them in the BIG STAR store. But the brand stores have much more to offer in their assortment. You can also buy jackets, sweatshirts, sweaters, shirts, T-shirts, dresses and accessories: belts, gloves, scarves and sneakers. Currently, BIG STAR is over 250 stores in Poland and over 60 sales points in Europe and Asia.

Gino Rossi

Gino Rossi is one of the most respected Polish footwear brands. The company was founded in 1992 and from the beginning of its existence focuses primarily on high quality and unique, recognizable design. The brand’s stores offer women’s, men’s and children’s footwear. There is also no shortage of accessories: handbags, umbrellas, travel bags, wallets or gloves. The brand uses Polish and Italian components of the highest quality, guaranteeing products with durability and excellent finish. Currently, in addition to the extensive sales network of showrooms in Poland, Gino Rossi has sales points abroad, including in Riga, Berlin or Prague.


CCC is another Polish brand specializing in the production of footwear, renowned not only in Poland, but also abroad. The CCC footwear is available, among others, in Estonia, Russia, Austria, Croatia and Germany. The origins of the brand date back to the 90s, when the company operated under the name „Miłek” and dealt with retail and wholesale footwear trade. Already at that time, the brand was developing its first franchise stores under the trade name „Żółta Stopa”. Their number increased significantly in 1999, when the brand adopted the name CCC (“Cena Czyni Cuda” – „Price Makes Miracles”). CCC stores offer fashionable shoes in accordance with the latest trends for women, men and children. They offer footwear for every occasion and every pocket.


Mohito is a brand addressed to young, independent women who lead an active lifestyle, and at the same time appreciate feminine, tasteful stylizations. The name of the brand refers to a refreshing, fashionable drink. That’s what clothing offered by Mohito is like – designed in accordance with the latest trends, feminine, with a sense of taste. Mohito clothing is dedicated to all fashion lovers who value unusual, urban elegance. Currently, Mohito has over 280 stores in Poland and abroad, including in Austria.


Like Reserved and Mohito, Cropp belongs to the LPP S.A. group. The brand collections are dedicated primarily to young people aged 13-20. They are distinguished by fashionable designs, in accordance with current trends, and affordable prices. Cropp relies on a casual, youth urban style. The offer of Cropp stores includes clothing for women and men who express their style and personality through brand clothing. The network has over 200 stores in Poland and several dozen abroad, including in Croatia, the Czech Republic, Hungary, Belarus, Russia, Lithuania, Latvia and Romania.

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