Five gift ideas for vegan men

A busy time ahead of us! This is when’re faced with some tough decisions on the best presents for our loved ones. The current situation doesn’t lend itself to strolling through shopping centres so we eand up spending a lot of time browsing the web in order to find the most unique gifts for people we love.

The decision becomes even tougher when the recipient has their own, personal preferences. Many people have adopted the ‘slow lifestyle’, and choose to avoid shopping in chain stores which offer products in high quantities, often at the expense of their quality. More and more people are becoming vegan, not just in terms of the food they eat, but alos the clothes they wear and the cosmetics they use.

To make your decisions easier, we’re offerring a few helpful tips for health- and environment-conscious items which would make ideal Christmas gifts for men.

Oakywood – from love to wood and nature

Men love gadgets and details which is why Oakywood, a Polish brand, will definitely spark their interest. Oakywood is a brand with a passion for designing and creating unique wood products. All items are manufactured in their workshop, located in a small town of Ciche, at the foot of the Tatra mountains, where artisanal woodwork has been culticated for decades. Oakywood products combine the latest tech-trends and the highland tradition. The products are created from love for wood and nature, using the materials from responsible sources. Oakywood prioritise the environment. That is why, they always strive for environmentally-friendly solutions. They’re working tirelessly on maintaining balanced standards and ecological production.

In the era of remote working, a wooden laptop stand would make a great present. It is made of solid wood, and it helps to evelate a device by 15cm- the most ergonomical, eye-level position. The stand is equipped with a steel handle which keeps the device in place. Thanks to the elevated construction, you can store small items underneath the laptop stand, such as a keyboard or a notepad. The stand is hand made, using the best quality solid wood, which has been polished and oiled to achieve the natural shine.

KRAYNA – AY4: an expert in skincare for men

KRAYNA is a 100% vegan and plant-based cosmetic brand, producing face creams for women and men.
AY4 Plantain is a part of the AY series. It is a moisturising cream for men, designed for dry and combination skin. It improves the skin’s elasticity, nourishes and moisturises. The complex of protective substances strengthens the natural protective barrier of the epidermis, weakened by everyday shaving and weather conditions. The cream normalises the action of sebaceous glands, and reduces the extensive oiling of the skin. It narrows down the pores and evens out discolouration. It alleviates the skin redness and inflammations. Thanks to the AY4 cream, the skin becomes more immune to the external factors. AY4 improves the firmness of the skin, and evens out fine wrinkles. As a result, the skin looks youthful and radiant.

Studio PIEL – reclaimed leather goods

PIEL means quality and truth in one unique product. The bags and backpacks are made exclusively from the reclaimed cowhide. The main concept of Marta Biskupska-Założeniem właścicielki i projektantki marki Marty Biskupskiej-Wawrzyńczak, the brand’s owner and designer, is to create original bags with no metal elements, so that nothing disrupts the aesthetics. Pure leather, with no compromise.

The important part of the brand’s philosophy is not purchasing the cowhide from tanneries. Instead, it is reclaimed from the waste produced by big, leather goods companies, and given a second life. This process is firmly ingrained in the ethos of circular economy, much appreciated by a conscious, vegan client. That is why, PIEL creates individual items of prime quality. Thanks to the precise design and innovative fasteners, the products are beautiful and functional. The team puts their hearts and souls into making sure the personalised products meet the clients’ expectations. PIEL is the answer to the needs of those seeking true, classic craftmanship and modern design. It proves that a minimalist form can carry a maximalist expression. PIEL achieves it through the meticulous teamwork of engineers, pursemakers and artists. You can purchase their beautiful, original leather products on the Studio PIEL website:

BAMBAW –the ecological shaving style

Bambaw  is a brand that believes that a more sustainable and an ethically conscious world is within reach, and it’s down to us to create it. Every day, the waste from artificial, disposable products threatens every form of natural life, and its decomposition takes over 500 years. Bambaw’s mission is to reduce the amount of waste by offering us inexpensive, high-quality, zero-waste products which can be used every day.

Bambaw strives to be CO2 neutral. They compensate the impact of the company’s carbon footprint (around 200 tonnes of CO2 a year) by supporting an environmental project in Malawi. More and more men are returning to a classic and ecological shaving style. Thanks to Bambaw’s stylish safety razors, this is now possible. The zero-waste razors use one single blade made from stainless steel. Thus, the blades are easily recyclable. It is a fantastic alternative to plastic razors.

Unlike disposable ‘pink’ or ‘blue’ razors, Bambaw’s product ensures an even, thorough shave, for men and women alike. The blade fits all double-edge razors. The product contains a detailed manual on how to achieve a perfect shave. BAMBAW razors will last many years; it’s easy to recycle and the blades can be easily exchanged.

And if you’re still hesitating whether to choose a BAMBAW razor, here are some facts. Billions of plastic razors and their plastic packaging end up in landfillsand take hundreds of years to decompose. By swapping your plastic razor for a Bambaw razor, you’re part of the zero-waste movement which helps to create the cleaner environment for future generations.

GALILU – a unique fragrance for unique men

Every man has their favourite, unique frangrance which makes him feel special. It’s not just women who pay attention to a particular fragrance but it seems that it is also an indispensable element of every man. A well-selected fragrance helps men feel comfortable and confident every day.

We’d like to recommend GALILU perfumery, which is simply a paradise when it comes to fragrance for men. A wide selection of gorgeous scents will surely meet the expectations of the most sophisticated taste. We think that Swim

SX Eau de Parfum woda perfumowana by Pierre Guillaume deserves a special attention

The name of the perfume, which is also a code, sums it up perfectly. SWIM / SX ( a sexy swimmer) means sunshine, sensuality and the sandy beach. Men and women strolling down the seafront, their skin is salty and full of desire.
Okoumé wood and musk give warmth to the fresh, sunny composition of ylang-yland flowers, pacific algae and rosewood, and the light breath of hemp gives the fragrance an animalistic tone.

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