Top six presents for vegan women

Christmas time is approaching fast so it’s time to look for some festive gifts for our loved ones. Choosing a suitable gift poses quite a challenge, considering we’re living in the world of endless gift choices, for any occasion.

We’re paying more and more attention not just to the quality of the gift, but also whether it’s environmentally-friendly, ethical and cruelty-free. Those values have become our priority in selecting the right present. Wider awareness allows us to notice smaller manufacturers who create their unique products with passion. To people we love, we don’t want to give mass-produced items, stored in big, commercial chains. We appreciate high-quality, unique products.

To make your present choice easier, we’ve prepared a gift-guide, in which we give tips on products which are not just unique but also ethically made. We’re certain that our tips will please many vegan women, who will enjoy the gifts, knowing that no animal was harmed in the process. We hope that our guide will help you in selecting the best possible presents for your loved ones.

1210 Molded in Warsaw – the unique ceramics

Studio 1210C is full of beauty and passion for pottery. It belongs to the fabulous Basia Pol who creates true clay wonders which we’ve had an opportunity to see on a few occasions. Handmade teacups, bowls and plates; each of them is completely unique and special. No two items are the same and that’s the beauty of them. Basia creates one-of-a-kind products. Achieving perfection sometimes takes weeks, and the entire process is completely hand-made. Perfecting the form. Firing. Glazing. Second firing, usually in 1210°C. The whole process, from the he first contact with the clay to the finishing touches, usually takes around 200 hours. All the products are individual items which could make a set. Sometimes, by pure chance, the tone reaches perfection and the whole collection takes its shape. If you’re a fan of rare porcelain, created with love, and passion, be sure to visit Basia.

NAGO – responsibly produced clothing

We all agree that our wardrobes are bursting, and the variety of fabrics our clothes are made of is enormous. The type of fabric has a huge impact on the environment. Discover Polish clothing from organic cotton, tencel, cupro, and wool by NAGO brand. Classic wear from organic cotton, made in Poland.

The origin of the fabric, the way it is produced and the conditions in which it is transformed into the final product are a lot more important than a fashionable pattern. NAGO creates clothes which make women look good and feel good.

Their clothes are ecological, and produced in a conscious and balanced way. The brand prioritises the functionality of their products and the manufacturing process. It’s worth noting that NAGO chooses solutions which minimise the environmental impact. At the same time, they strive to maximise the comfort of their clients and create the best possible product.

Their wide selection of clothes can be found directly on their website: NAGO

Moonholi Yoga Maths – Feel the cosmic energy

According to Moonholi’s website, Cosmic Girl yoga mats are their pride and joy. It’s a charity mat, made by girls for girls in order to share the positive energy. Moonholi believes that their clients proritise goodness; not just through taking care of their health or the environment, but also through the kindness towards others. It’s an opportunity to help those in need by choosing a mat for yourself.

Moonholi believes in the sum of small efforts, and the infinite, mysterious force, hidden inside us. That is why the Moonholi Cosmic Girl yoga mat has been created. 10% of every sold item goes to the Rak’n’Roll charity, which supports people battling cancer. May the cosmic force and good vibrations support them on their way, and may this yoga mat be more than just a beautiful product. Let’s fight like a girl!

The Cosmic Girl mat is an ecological yoga mat, made from bio-degradable rubber and a layer of microfibre which is pleasant to the touch. The company prioritises both the natural environment and the clients’ wellbeing. No harmful, toxic glue is used in the manufacturing process, and the dye used in the production is water-based and contains natural colouring from fruit and vegetables. The mat does not contain any other, potentially harmful materials which are sometimes used in the production of yoga mats, such as PCV, led, cadmium, silicone or latex.

Moonholi yoga mats are a wonderful initiative combining pleasure for your body and soul whilst helping a noble cause. Check out the website for more details:

KRAYNA – vegan cosmetics created from love for nature

Krayna is a brand of vegan, skincare cosmetics for men and women. Krayna conquers the hearts of its clients by offering products which are solely plant-based. „Made by Krayna with true love” is a motto which encompasses the brand’s ethos.

AY BY KRAYNA is a series of four face creams. They are a natural composition, designed for individual needs of every skin type. „AY” refers to the sound of joy. It is a manifesto of a Summer land locked in a bottle.

The name of each cream comes from one of the leading ingredients: Cornflower, Water Pepper, Chestnut, and Plaintain. Recently, there has been a new addition to the Krayna family: Raspberry&Rosemary Facial Oil.

The creatots of the brand, husband and wife Damian and Magda Rosły, had a vision of creating a series of vegan cosmetics which, through using simple ingredients, can heal the skin’s imperfections, and give it a radiant look. Krayna takes the matter of packaging very seriously by paying attention to the smallest detail.

The products are contained in a slender, glass bottle with a sterile pump dispenser which ensures the safety of the ingredients and the clients’ everyday comfort. The outer boxes are made of recycled materials.

The brand has prepared several special offers for the upcoming Christmas. More importantly, there is no need to worry about all the festive wrapping- each order is wrapped and packed individually.
Check out KRAYNA’S Christmas offers.

For those struggling to make a choice, KRAYNA has prepared gift vouchers.

Plantule Pillows – plant-based pillows, created from the heart

Plantule pillows are created from the heart, the sense of beauty and the love for nature. They are filled with the ecological husk of buckwheat, spelt or emmer. They are not just good for your back, but they help in alleviating a number of conditions, such as backaches and headaches, rheumatic problems, allergies, even snoring. They are perfect for hot Summer days as they don’t heat up, and the shape of the husk aids the air circulation. Thanks to the specially designed, artisanal, non-industrial treatment, Plantule husk is the lightest and delicate material which ensures a comfortable sleep. A pillow for sitting and meditation, filled with Polish, ecological, certified buckwheat would make a perfect gift. The pillow helps to maintain good posture, and the correct position of the pelvis. The product creates a perfect, comfortable seating arrangement for children. The structure of the buckwheat husk makes the pillow flexible and well-fitted for any body shape. Each pillow is equipped with a zip so you can easily top up the husk to ensure that its thickness is just right for you.

YOOKA – handmade candle

Another gift suggestion is for people who love fragrant scents and being surrounded by them in the cosiness of their own home. YOOKA is a small family-owned brand which specialises in creating naturally scented candles. YOOKA was created from love for design, beautiful objects, nature and aromas. The owners really enjoy the manufacturing process; it helps them to find balance in the chaos of everyday life. Each new composition is like a surprising present left under the Christmas tree.

YOOKA candles are 100% natural. They consist of ecological soy wax and natural essential oils. They are environmentally friendly and completely biodegradable. Unlike paraffin candles, they’re also safe. No harmful substances are realeased while burning YOOKA candles.

The scent compositions in the candles are based on natural essential oils.They smell of the forest, plants, earth, air. They possess aromatherapeutic properties. The complete selection can be found on the website:

And after you’ve give out all the wonderful gifts, have a festive breakfast including Polish vegan yoghurt produced by Magda- a highlander from Podhale, who courageously decided to change her family’s eating habits and set up a production of vegan yoghurt

As Magda puts it: „For years, I’ve been fascinated with plant-based flavours and how a vegan diet can change people and the world. I wish for people to reignite their partnership with the nature, which is why I’m constantly searching for genius ways to pull the undecided ones onto the green side of the force!”

Each of the above ideas is different and unique at what it does. The passion towards their product shows the importance of the environmental impact and that it is possible to develop a local business, and create products full of love and passion.

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