What to wear to a Polish wedding?

Along with spring, the season wedding ceremonies is inevitably approaching. If you are planning to go to a Polish wedding, you are certainly wondering what to wear to look phenomenal, and at the same time do not overshadow the bride and feel great in your outfit. Here are some tips to help you choose the right look!

Cocktail or evening dress?

When choosing a dress, keep in mind the time of day the ceremony will start and its nature. If you are going to a modest wedding in the church, put on a subdued, cocktail dress. If you are invited to an all-night party, you can allow yourself a phenomenal evening dress.

Just not white

In Poland, the white color is reserved for the bride, so if you do not want to upset her, choose a different color for your outfit. However, avoid the black which is associated not with a wedding but with a funeral. However, if you decide to wear black, do not forget about lighting up accessories – shoes, jewelry and a shiny clutch bag. All other colors are allowed, so you can choose the one in which you feel and look the best. This season you will be the most fashionable in ultraviolet or fiery red!

Choose your cut

A dress for a wedding should be chosen according to your shapeIf you’re short, put on a short dress and high heels, if you’re tall – you can wear a longer dress and pumps on lower heels. If your body shape is a pear, a wrap dress with a v-neck accentuating the bust will be appropriate. For women with an hourglass shape, creations from the 1960s are ideal, with a tight top, perfectly fitted waist and a bottom forming the letter A. „Apple” ladies should choose outfits exposing the narrowest part of the body, and thus the ribs, thereby hiding the lack of clearly marked waist. Appropriate for them will be the empire dresses, which form a waist line just under the bust and optically extend the figureIf you have a tomboy shape, emphasize the bust with a neckline with a lace trim or frill. Don’t avoid decorations around the hips – they optically add women’s curves.

What instead of a dress?

Although in Poland ladies usually wear dresses for weddings, they are increasingly looking for alternatives for them. An alternative for a cocktail or evening dress it can be an elegant, perfectly tailored suit, made of shiny, dark material for the evening or in light, subdued colors, if you are going to a modest ceremony in the church. It is worth to supplement it with feminine high heels or moccasins and a chic bag. Another suggestion that can perfectly replace a dress is an elegant evening jumpsuit, which, like a suit, you can complement with stylish accessories.

Bet on komfort

A Polish wedding can’t do without dancing! When choosing a wedding outfit, remember that the dress shouldn’t make you feel uncomfortable and hamper your movements. Make sure your shoulder strap does not fall, the skirt is not twisted and the corset does not slide down – these small details can spoil even the most enjoyable evening! ! If you have the opportunity to try on the dress before buying it, do some sit-ups in it, make a pirouetteIf everything stays in place, you can put it on the wedding without any worries!

A Polish wedding is a celebration that stays in the memory of the married and gathered at the party for a long time. If you want to make a positive impression on them, choose an elegant, blatantly gaudy outfit. Above all, however, make sure that your outfit fits you and your liking perfectly. After all, you’re going to have a great time in it, right?

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