Scrapbooking trends for 2020

Fashion changes all the time, drawing our attention to different patterns, colours and design. But trends don’t relate only to clothes or interior design. You can observe them in many areas of life, also in handicraft. What are the trends in scrapbooking for 2020?

Romantic design and timeless flowers

After a short fascination with modern designs, big theme graphics and geometric patterns, scrapbooking in 2020 is coming back to traditions. Scrapbooking papers will amuse us with romantic design and timeless flowers again. Just like in wedding trends for 2020, also in handicraft we will observe increasingly bold reaching for big floral compositions. Not only fair bouquest will be fashionable but also flower overhangs, baskets with flowers and floral vines. Roses and peonies are the flowers which will decorate 2020 scrapbooking papers collections but there will also be smaller flowers: daisies and forget me nots. We will see papers with flowers on wedding, birthday and anniversary projects. Communion cards and wedding invitations will be suffused with flowers, pastel and full of romantic climate. 2020 scrapbooking trends clearly suggest that delicate colours, romantic compositions and subtle rubs on papers will be a real hit this year! In any case, for many years we can see increasing popularity of romantic scrapbooking papers collections. Just look at the biggest smash in this category, that is House of Roses collection from LemonCraft brand, which was so very popular that it was re-released.

Pantone colour of the year – classic blue in handicraft

Though the Pantone colour of the year – classic blue – can seem to be a tough shade for handicraft lovers, it can’t be ignored. Remember, scrapbooking papers and handicraft supplies should be in keeping with general trends. Classic blue in scrapbooking don’t have to appear as a main colour, dominating the whole project. Few tiny colour accents will be enough to create fashinable wedding invitations or a handmade card responding to the newest trends. In Hooby Place store you can findan apropriate colouristic category and there, a lot of useful supplies in the most fashionable colour of the year! Blue ribbon, paint with glitter, blue pleated grosgrain ribbon or artificial mini hydrangeas are only a piece of what you can find in this shop. It is certainly well prepared for this year’s scrapbooking trends!

Neo mint – the most fashinable colour for 2020

This natural and soft pastel green shade is coming back. Neo mint is a colour which will appear in scrapbooking very often – both solo and in combination with other colours. Most of all we will reach for combinations of mint green with Cantaloupe colour ( it’s a delicate peach colour ) and with white or pastel pink. The first combination is perfectly shown in LemonCraft’s collection, Love of My Life, which clearly anticipated trends because it was released in 2019. Also Yesterday collection is in keeping with scrapbooking trends for 2020/2021. Because of unremitting love of scrappers  for mint colour, the most popular shades in Poland are still pastels. Becuase softness and harmony are something what Polish handicraftsman like the most. Besides, pastel colours in scrapbooking match well with the trend mentioned here earlier, that is floral patterns and romantic atmosphere.

Close to nature – green, boards and butterflies

Among scrapbooking trends for 2020/2021 we can see a strong intensity of close communing with nature trend. Papers with boards pattern, decorative reindeer moss, artificial twigs, lots of green and butterflies are those handicraft products which will be useful this year to every fashionable scrapper. It will surely not be surprising for anyone that there are many sheets with wooden pattern among LemonCraft papers. Such a design goes over well among both scrappers and clients who order projects from them, and that’s why there’s a special category in Hobby Place store where there are all available scrapbooking papers with a boards pattern. You can find there papers in many colours and styles, from foreign and Polish brands.It is worth checking the floral theme category: there are lots of different paper and fabric flowers, and also twigs, stamens, chipboards, stamps or products you can use to make foamiran or paper flowers by your own. Butterflie certainly connote with natural world so using them in scrap projects will be one of this year’s trends. Luckily, over the last few years, LemonCraft brand released a lot of sheets with butterflies in differents colour combinations and in different sizes, you can fussy cut. Thanks to them you can pick butterflies which will match any project, in any colouristic. Both green papers and additives in green shades fit in natural current. In 2020, the most popular craft supplies will be those which are in natural green colour but bottle green or pastel green additives will still be trendy.

Big comeback of retro deisgns: dots, polka dots and grid patterns are on a tear again!

The world went crazy about the past! Polka dots, dots and grid, and also flounces, pleats and lace are these elements which will amuse us in 2020, not only in fashion trends. Also in scrapbooking world we can observe a huge interest in retro patterns and design. Papers in tiny dots or an aquiline checked design are a perfects basis for creating an atmospheric vintage project. You just have to fit effective additives such as pleated ribbon or cotton lace which are lots in Hobby Place store. Vintage cards and other scrapbooking projects in retro style are one of the biggest hits for 2020. It’s a great opportunity to use beautiful beaded garlands, brown ink for stamping and amazing graphics from Vintage Time sheets from LemonCraft offer. 2020 in scrapbooking will surely aid framing old family photos!

City safari: neutral colouristic and natural products

Scrapbooking trends for 2020/2021 are also predicting a feast for the eyes for persons who love neutral, earthy colouristic and natural products. Beige, brown, greys and khaki are the colours which will often appear in handicraft. Scrapbooking also loves combinations of natural elements! Linen, cotton, jute twine ad wooden elements will mark projects in city safari style and will becomea perfect additive to projects with animal themes. Fabric Little Birdie flowers from Natural series are available in Hobby Place store and they are already breaking popularity records!

Wedding projects: rustical and boho

Rustic style got settled in a wedding setting few years ago and it’s becoming more and more popular. Wedding trends for 2020 are focusing on even stronger accent on naturalness and connecting with nature. And because scrapbooking and weddings are indissoluble themes, we will see a huge interest in rustical design also in scrapbooking trends for 2020. Boards pattern, natural products and earthy colurs ( all mentioned here earlier), match well a theme of rustical wedding keepsakes. A strong turnabout of wedding trends toward boho design will be something new this year. Floral wreaths, fine sheer lace and feathers theme are coming back in style. We will also see it among scrapbooking products. It will be delicately, cheerfully, naturally and a little bit mysteriously.

Wedding decorations in a glamour style

Somewhat in opposition to wedding decorations in natural soft design, there are wedding arrangements in a glamour style being made. Scrapbooking papers with elegant damask ornaments, exquisite openworks and stylish lace are a great offering for everyone who want to create in 2020 trendy wedding invitations full of style. Next to Me Lemonraft’s collection perfectly fits in this trend as it is full of delicate stylish designs: creamy and pastel pink pages with damask ornaments have been a hit among papers for wedding cards and albums. Elegant papers’ patterns can be enriched by shiny embellishments: decorative ribbon buckles, self-adhesive crystlas or a little bit of sparkling glitter.


Following a calendar – comingback to celebrating important events

The world gains momentum and it doesn’t want to stop. We are in a hurry every day, we don’t want to spoil any minute because there is so much to do! Luckily the society is more and more aware of the gist of rest, interpersonal relations and celebrating the important moments. Scrapbooking trends for 2020 are clearly showing the increase of interest to handmade keepsakes connected to a certain celebration. The society will branch off from sending drive-by wishes in phone messages or emails. Face to face meetings, personalized keepsakes and sentimental gifts will become the most important. This year, people who go into scrapbooking will not complain about the lack of clients on birthday cards and projects connected with Grandma’s Day, Mother’s Day or Christmas. The interest in handmade albums  ( both those big ones with lots of photos and mini ones which can be carried in a handbag ) will also be bigger.


Mindfulness – the answer on a quick life

Mindfulness in interior design will be a hot trend in 2020. And we can expect a bigger interest in this trend also in handicraft as scrapbooking is applied arts mostly. What is mindfulness in interior design? It’s a arrangement minimalism which comes from the desire of achieving mindfulness and harmony. This term stands in opposition to hurry and a rush of life. It is about arranging the space in the house to make it favourable for a certain activity, relaxing, resting and cherishing memories. Scrapbooking fits in this philosophy perfectly! Simple handmade frames with photos which are made with natural materials and in neutral colours will become a final touch in interiors designed according to mindfulness trend. We can observe a turnabout toward simple forms and minimalism in handicraft. It’s good news especially for people who love clean & simple style, that is simple scrapbooking cards in which the idea is the most important and materials are only its complement. Scrapbooking, as an activity, is in keeping with mindfulness philosophy – relax combined with focalisation on doing is good for our mood. Scrapbooking trends for 2020 clearly say: you have the right to passion! Find time for your paper hobby!

Interior recycling – a big comeback of altered art

Growing economical awareness of the society and the desire of saving money had people often think before they throw something away. This streak will take a toll on scrapbooking projects in 2020. We now see the growing interest to altered art technique that is doing over and altering old items which seem to be useless. A decorative composition placed in the inside of an old alarm clock’s case or a sewing machine covered with paints and crackle paste? Why not! Such projects will become a unique home decor and an interesting idea on extraordinary gift. So it’s worth buying different paints, texture pastes and othe mixed media, preferably in small containers so you could try everything. Of course, you can buy many diverse mixed media products in Hobby Place store.

Scrapbooking – 2020/21 trends: summary

As you can see, if it comes to scrapbooking, the trends for 2020 aren’t – mostly – something surprising. Thanks to compliance of actual trends and designs in handicraft world, everyone has a chance to create fashionable scrapbooking projects without quiting  favourite style or favourite products. There are so many fasionable trends that everybody will find those which responds to your lines, skills and creativity.

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